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    Artist/Band/Performed in Composition midi lyrics links
    Ani Lorak Zazhigai serdtse midi
    Anka Paul Diana midi lyrics
    ANNOUNCE Zina - prodavets iz magazina midi
    Anofriev Oleg Est' tol'ko mig midi lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri 20 Let Spustja midi lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Airport midi
    Antonov Yuri Anastasija lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri At Birches and Pines midi lyrics
    Antonov Yuri Belyi Teplokhod lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Dlja Menja Net Tebja Prekrasnei midi lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Etot Perekrestok lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Ja Idu Tebe Navstrechu lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Ja Vspominaju (Letjaschei pohodkoi) midi lyrics
    Antonov Yuri Khmelnaja Siren' lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Krysha Doma Tvoego lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Lunnaja Dorozhka lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Maki midi lyrics
    Antonov Yuri Mechty Sbyvaiutsja lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Mirror midi lyrics
    Antonov Yuri Moje Bogatstvo lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri More lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Na Ulitse Kashtanovoi lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Na Vysokom Beregu lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Ne govorite mne proschai midi lyrics
    Antonov Yuri Ne umirai ljubov' midi
    Antonov Yuri Ne Zabyvaj midi lyrics
    Antonov Yuri Neset Menja Techenie lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Ot Pechali Do Radosti lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Pover' V Mechtu lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Snegiri midi lyrics
    Antonov Yuri Vot Kak Byvaet lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Vse Kak Prezhde lyrics links
    Antonov Yuri Zolotaja Lestnitsa lyrics links
    Antsiferova Tatjana Rassvet-zakat midi lyrics
    Apina Alena (Parohodik) midi lyrics
    Apina Alena (Ya Tebya U Vseh Ukradu) midi lyrics
    Apina Alena Electric train midi lyrics
    Apina Alena Ljubi ego midi lyrics
    Apina Alena Mezhdu dvuh beregov midi lyrics
    Apina Alena Na pobyvky edet molodoj morjak lyrics
    Apina Alena Parallel'no ljubvi midi lyrics
    Apina Alena S obojudnogo soglasiа midi lyrics
    Apina Alena Smolodu midi
    Apina Alena Vse ostanetsja po-prezhnemu midi lyrics
    Aqua Barbie girl midi lyrics
    Arash Broken Angel midi
    Arash Vostochnye skazki midi lyrics
    ARBAT Alenka midi lyrics
    ARBAT Sladkaya 2005 midi
    Ariana Pod ispanskim nebom [REMIX] midi lyrics
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